In Love with...Peanut Butter!

Sometime you have what I say ….that Day!

You know …when you want something really rich in taste to start the day with the right step.
Sunday morning need always something more special to eat, because after all … It’s Sunday!
Here we go ..I planned in my mind to make a new cake creation for our guest and for our late tea time
A cake, easy to do that you would never stop eating, with a Luxurious taste but at the same time quite light and not heavy.
Cheesecake with Sbrisolona crumbles as cake base , Ricotta cheese and Peanut Butter as creamy part.
Cake base:
Use more or less 300 gr of biscuits or a crunchy dry cake as our Sbrisolona (typical Mantova cake), reduce all in crumbles and add 80 gr of melted butter.
Press all in a cake mold and refrigerate for 30 minutes

Using a whisk reduce in cream 250 gr of Ricotta cheese (or a soft cheese), with 200 gr of Peanut Butter (creamy version), adding 120 gr of dust sugar.
Add also some vanilla seed (or a squeeze of vanilla in cream) and if you want a more rich taste some caramel syrup.
Apart put some gelatin in some cold water  for 15 minutes, squeeze it and dissolve it in 2 spoon of hot milk.
Attention to not boil it.
When it's a little bit more cold add all to the cheese cream and pour all on the cake base.
Put the cake in fridge for all the night.
Before serving it add some blueberries on the top  to give an acid note in contrast with the sweetness of the cake.

Breakfast at Zucchero sui Baffi B&B



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